Why our coded behaviour works against us in our financial lives


With a great deal of uncertainty during the coronavirus pandemic, many people have unanswered questions concerning their finances, their retirement and life in general.

So we ran a series of virtual Retirement Café coffee mornings and invited special guests to share their expertise to help people feel more informed at this challenging time.

On 1st May I welcomed New York Times’ columnist and author Carl Richards. Through his simple sketches, Carl makes complex financial concepts easy to understand.

Carl shared his story, how  ‘The Sketch Guy’ column arose and why his simple sketches are so powerful.

Carl has learned that our coded behaviour often works against us in our financial lives and aims to help raise the profile of Real Financial Planners who act as guides to ensure their clients align their capital to what’s most important to them.

He believes – like me – that planners should be there when the storm comes in to help investors navigate turbulent times and change routes if necessary, not defend an outdated map.

Listen here on episode 081 of The Retirement Café Podcast or watch the whole video on You Tube.


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