Understanding your relationship with money


I am really pleased to share with you this week my conversation with emotional intelligence coach and author, Anne Beaulieu. 

Emotional intelligence is term you may be very familiar with, but for many of us, it’s a term that’s often misunderstood.  

Anne explains how she discovered the importance of emotional intelligence in her life and how she now helps others to appreciate how high EQ can help them become more contented, fulfilled individuals.  

She has worked a lot with women to remove the guilt and shame experienced as they build successful businesses, allowing them to build their business with passion, with focus and with intentionality.

Anne explains how we can help ourselves and our children or grandchildren to understand our relationship with money and how that influences our behaviours. It’s a fascinating discussion about the impact our money experiences and associated feelings have upon how we interact with loved ones and treat ourselves.

Listen here on episode 084 of The Retirement Café Podcast.


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The Money Tree online coaching course and group coaching programme.

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