Seeing 60 as a chance to start over


David Jones returns for part 2 of our conversation on investing and how Dimensional Fund Advisors can play a part. 

We discuss how retirees can implement a successful investment strategy. David explains that clarifying goals is the first step, which enables us to establish the rate of return needed on your investments to achieve your goals.

It’s then important to select the most appropriate assets and, critically, remain disciplined and tune out from all the noise around investing.

David recently turned 60. He’s given some thought to the next stage of life and shares with us his affinity with the Japanese tradition of Kanreki – turning 60 and taking the opportunity to consider ‘what to build on and what to leave behind’. Reaching 60 is seen as an opportunity to start over, akin to starting a second childhood.

Whatever David pursues in the coming years, he’s certain it will involve enjoyment, engagement and meaning.

I hope you enjoy the second part of my conversation on episode 035 of The Retirement Café Podcast. To listen to part one in episode 034, click here.


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