Releasing wealth from your biggest asset


As you know, the current generation of retirees has benefitted greatly from quite dramatic increases in house prices over the years. This is great news for retirees in general, but for some people, they find that the majority of their wealth is tied up in their property.

For those struggling to afford the retirement they want, or even the retirement they need when it comes to paying for care or other later life costs, equity release can be an appealing option.

Equity release has had a bad press in recent years, but demand is growing with 83,000 people taking out an equity release product in 2018. There are five fold as many equity release solutions available compared to 5 years ago – so is equity release now a viable solution?

Martin Lines, Business Development Director with Just, one of the leading providers of retirement solutions in the UK, joins me to answer all our questions about equity release.

Listen here on episode 052 The Retirement Café Podcast.


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