Successful Investing in Retirement: 13th October 2017

On Friday 13th October, The Retirement Café held its fourth free event on the topic of Successful Investing for Retirement at the Kings Arms Hotel in Christchurch.

The Retirement Café welcomed highly experienced senior executives from Dimensional Fund Advisors who joined Chartered Wealth Manager, Justin King, to discuss the critical success factors that make investing in retirement a successful experience. Dimensional are fund managers whose investment approach is grounded in economic theory and backed by decades of empirical research.

Martyn Chappell and Spenser Sydow from Dimensional addressed a sell-out audience to explain how their approach to investing is evidence based and founded on a belief that ‘markets work’. Instead of speculating about which will be the next growth stock, or trying to pick funds that may outgrow the market, they adopt a buy and hold strategy that, decades of evidence shows, delivers a more successful investing experience for you.

Read more about our expert panel here.

I now feel more confident and positive about my future, as I better understand where my money is invested.

Guest at The Retirement Cafe, October 2017

My husband and I will now be investing some of our savings for retirement.

Guest at The Retirement Cafe, October 2017