Thank you for agreeing to be a guest on The Retirement Café podcast hosted by Justin King – a podcast focused on helping people feel more confident in retirement, by discussing issues and challenges they may face.

Although we have discussed this previously, please be aware that our discussion will be recorded, used on The Retirement Café website, uploaded to iTunes and other podcasting host services. By agreeing to do this interview you acknowledge that the content will be owned by MFP Wealth Management, sponsor of The Retirement Café, who reserves the right to use the contents for any future publications.

We’ve put together a few notes on this page so you know what to expect and to answer the most frequently asked questions.


Conducting the interview

We carry out the podcast interviews via Zoom online conferencing.

This is an easy to use and very reliable system, which you can access via the link we will include in your calendar invitation.

Using Zoom allows us to record the audio and video from the interview, during our video call. We can always switch the video element off during the call if you prefer, but would love to capture video too to share on our YouTube channel.


Capturing great audio

Using an external microphone, instead of the microphone built into your computer, improves the sound quality significantly.

If you are based in the UK, we will send you a headset with a high quality microphone built in for this purpose.

Please plug this headset into your computer and check that Zoom is picking up the audio.

If were are unable to post you a headset and you have your own external microphone, plug it in to your computer before the call starts and check Zoom has detected it.

If you don’t have a headset or external microphone, the microphone built into a set of iPhone headphones often works better than the microphone built into your computer. Please plug these headphones in to your computer and check Zoom has detected them.


The room

Key to getting great audio for the call is to be in a quiet room during the interview and to have good broadband access (not mobile).

Please switch off your phone and any notifications on your computer. Ensure you are not sitting in front of a bright window, as this distorts the video recording.


Recording the interview

Interviews for The Retirement Café podcast are designed to be relaxed and fairly informal. We treat them like a chat, which is largely unedited before going live.

If you do a swear, stumble over your words and say something you want removed from the episode, that’s no problem, as we have time to edit before publication. Just let Justin know at the time!

It’s best not to write a script or prepare answers, as we want you to sound as natural as possible.

The ideal interview length is 15-20 minutes, so we allow 45 minutes to allow for introductions and setting up of equipment. We’re always happy to go for longer if you’ve got more to say!


Links and promotions

At the end of the interview, Justin will ask you where listeners can find out more about you and your work. Please feel free to plug two or three links here i.e. books, websites, social media profiles.

We will include your links in the show notes for your episode, so listeners can find them easily.


Any questions?

Hopefully that all makes sense, but do drop Kathy or Rian a line if you have any questions.

Thank you for taking part!