Choosing charities best aligned with your interests


Charitable giving should bring great joy and fulfilment. It should make you feel empowered and excited about the good you can do in the world.

Many of us donate to charity, but do we do it intentionally?

Lauren Janus has spent more than 15 years working in the charitable sector and is the founder of Thoughtful Philanthropy, a charitable giving advisory service, helping individuals and families become more informed and empowered philanthropists.

That means she helps people really understand the strategy charities you’re interested in are adopting and how they’re spending your money.

Lauren mostly works with retirees and their financial advisers. People’s questions about how to give less haphazardly often arise during the retirement conversation.

In this interview on episode 030 of The Retirement Café Podcast, Lauren explains what she means by giving your time, your talent, your treasure and your testimony.


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