Celebrating age diversity


This is the first in our brief series of episodes about Working in to Retirement.

Nearly 80% of the growth in UK employment over the last decade has come from the over 50s*.

A staggering fact, and one made even more impactful if you consider that the ONS expects the number of over 50s to increase by nearly 10% over the next 10 years, an additional 2.7 million individuals.

To simply maintain current rates of employment, that requires us to prepare society and the workplace for millions more older workers being gainfully employed. But are we prepared and willing to do so?

Stuart Lewis is on a mission to address this challenge and founded Rest Less in December 2018 to do just that. Rest Less aims to help solve employers’ recruitment challenges by providing access to a motivated and rapidly growing talent pool, whilst also promoting thousands of jobs from employers who see the value of age diversity in the workplace to the over 50s.

*ONS figures

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