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Tuesday 4th December 2018 – A life in funerals with Ken West MBE – the founder of the natural burial movement

Ken West MBE started his career in bereavement services at the age of 15. Over a career of 45 years later, Ken was involved in over 100,000 funerals and launched the revolutionary green funeral market with the creation of the first natural burial ground in 1993.

Awarded the MBE in 2001 for his groundbreaking work to improve the burial situation for stillbirths and foetal remains, Ken is the undisputed leading expert in the field of natural burial. He has published two books on the topic: A Guide to Natural Burial’ and the satirical novel ‘R.I.P Off! Or the British Way of Death’, which exposes the truth behind the traditional world of funerals.

Ken shares his experience of a life in funerals and what you should know about natural burial.

Tuesday 11th December 2018 – Nick & Debbie Taylor – Finding your purpose, the key to a fulfilling retirement

Nick and Debbie Taylor tell me their very personal story about transitioning into a life in retirement.

After many years in the Royal Marines and more recently in the corporate world, Nick and Debbie faced a devastating life-changing event that made them reconsider their future. Offered the opportunity to take early redundancy around the same time, the couple jumped at the chance to make a new life together.

Feeling too young to be officially retired, Nick and Debbie explain how they have adapted to a life in early retirement and how finding their purpose has been key.

This is a deeply personal account of their retirement journey so far.

Tuesday 18th December 2018 – The big D – why dementia is not a death sentence, with Dr Ben Hicks

Dr Ben Hicks is a psychology lecturer at Bournemouth University and Deputy Director of the Ageing and Dementia Research Centre (ADRC). Having studied how people experience and live with chronic conditions like cancer, an opportunity arose to work on a dementia project and Ben jumped at the chance.

At the age of just 20, Ben faced the difficult situation of seeing his grandmother suffering from dementia. This personal experience fuelled Ben’s interest in dementia and he has become one of the leading researchers in the field.

He believes the perception of dementia today is similar to that of the big C – cancer – 20 years ago. But he also believes that being diagnosed with the big D is no longer a death sentence and his groundbreaking research shows how people can live well with the disease for many years, with the right support and understanding.

Tuesday 1st January 2019 – Paying for care and the role of care annuities, with Graham Duffy

The need for care home spaces is predicted to rise dramatically with the ever-increasing life expectancy and growth of debilitating conditions including dementia now prevalent in later life. And planning for that care is something we need to face up to in retirement.

There are many different ways to fund care. Last year, 57,000 people needed to fund the costs of living in a care home. Only 6% opted for a care annuity.

A care annuity is just one option, but it’s a relatively little-understood solution. Graham Duffy explains what a care annuity is, the tax benefits and what it may cost you. He also shares the latest thinking on social funding limits, which impact how much of the care home fees you are responsible for paying.

Graham is a care specialist with Just, a well-established insurance company offering solutions to people who need to self-fund their care. Graham’s role is to help people get the best possible outcome at the very end of their retirement. With 25 years’ background in insurance and life expectancy, Graham’s knowledge is unquestionable.