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Tuesday 21st January 2020 – Helping over 50s find age friendly employers, with Stuart Lewis

Nearly 80% of the growth in UK employment over the last decade has come from the over 50s*.

A staggering fact, and one made even more impactful if you consider that the ONS expects the number of over 50s to increase by nearly 10% over the next 10 years, an additional 2.7 million individuals.

To simply maintain current rates of employment, that requires us to prepare society and the workplace for millions more older workers being gainfully employed. But are we prepared and willing to do so?

This episode is the first in our series on Working into Retirement.

Stuart Lewis is on a mission to address this challenge and founded Rest Less in December 2018 to do just that. Rest Less aims to help solve employers’ recruitment challenges by providing access to a motivated and rapidly growing talent pool, whilst also promoting thousands of jobs from employers who see the value of age diversity in the workplace to the over 50s.

*ONS figures

Tuesday 28th January 2020 – Getting a second bite of the cherry, with Tim Drake

This episode is the second in our series on Working into Retirement.

Tim relaunched his career in his 50s when he lost everything to the recession. Now in his mid 70s, Tim has co-founded and run businesses, think tanks and charities.  

He believes that many people feel that they have unrealised potential and that they’re looking at ways to release it. He has published a number of books including ‘Generation Cherry – Powerful Strategies to Give You Another Bite of the Cherry’.

Tim chats about different ways to work into retirement and the benefits that can bring.

Tim also features on the Bolder website of Dominique Afacan who appeared in episode 053 of the podcast. Tim joins me to chat about the role of continuing to work into retirement and later life.

Tuesday 4th February 2020 – Protecting the vulnerable from scams and financial fraud

There is a type of crime for which there is almost no criminal justice. Fraudsters stole £1.2 billion through the UK financial sector in 2018, affecting more than 3 million victims.

Fraud and scams are the fastest growing crime area in the UK and notoriously hard to tackle. Research has found that 96% of reported cases go unsolved.

With police help limited in this area, there are people striving to support victims of financial crime. 

Louise Baxter-Scott is founder and head of the Scams Team for National Trading Standards. She was awarded the MBE in 2017 for services to protecting vulnerable people from financial abuse.

Louise joins me to explain the most common types of financial fraud to look out for, how to protect yourself and what her team is doing to protect and keep vulnerable people safe.

Tuesday 11th February 2020 – End of Life Doulas helping you & your family feel safe

Why do we prepare so well for birth, yet give so little attention to preparing for death?

Judy Kauffmann believes we should. She is passionate about caring for people during their end of life journey and empathising with those left behind, and her training and writings reflect this ethos.

Judy is an award-winning author of two books on end of life management and bereavement. She not only trains people to achieve the highest level of non medical care, but also empowers carers, helping take the fear out of end of life.

She is also currently training to be an End of Life Doula, someone who walks alongside the individual, their family and their community as an informed companion at the end of their life.

This episode is the first in our series on dealing with grief and loss.

Tuesday 18th February 2020 – Managing grief in later life

It’s almost impossible to reach some way into adulthood without experiencing the loss of a loved one. I think it’s fair to say that each of us deals with death in a different way and has our own way of grieving. 

For some, grief can be totally crushing and incredibly difficult to deal with.  

My guest this week knows first-hand what it’s like to lose someone dear to her. Amy’s experience set her off on a lifelong mission of helping people deal with grief. 

Author, speaker and founder of Corgenius, Amy Florian joins me to share her experience of loss and grief and her insights into dealing with this complex emotional arena.

This episode is the second in our series on dealing with grief and loss.

Travelling solo in retirement, with Janice Waugh

Have you ever considered travelling solo? Maybe you’re a dab hand at it and have been travelling alone for many years. Or maybe you’re just considering taking your first trip.

It can feel daunting to take that first trip alone. Well help is on hand from Janice Waugh. Janice lives in Toronto and she is the go-to authority on the topic of solo travel.

In 2009 she founded Solo Traveler a website she conceived of based upon her own need for better information about travelling alone and she’s here to tell us more about it.

She joins me to share her advice on what to consider when travelling solo, what to expect and steps you can take to depart with confidence.

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