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Tuesday 12th & Friday 15th February 2019 – Having healthy conversations about money, with Carl Richards

A few weeks ago, I was honoured to be interviewed by Carl Richards for his new Talking About Money workshop that launches early February.  

You may be familiar with Carl Richards’ most famous work. Through his simple sketches as the Sketch Guy, Carl makes complex financial concepts easy to understand. He is also a Certified Financial Planner, an author and a keynote speaker at financial planning conferences around the world.  

The goal of Carl’s Talking About Money workshop is to give people the tools and confidence necessary to have conversations about money that don’t end up in fights. When people sign up for Carl’s workshop, one of the pieces of content they receive is the interview you are about to hear.

We don’t get taught how to talk about money, so we assume a conversation around money is something that fits into a spreadsheet or a calculator.

In our interview, I explain to Carl why and how I have learned to facilitate great conversations around money and share some of the tools and techniques for doing so. I stress the importance of active, intelligent listening in all conversations – especially those about money – so we can all have more positive outcomes around our money.

This interview will be released as a two-part series. Part 1 on Tuesday 12th February and Part 2 as a bonus episode on Friday 15th February.

Tuesday 19th February 2019 – How to choose a care home, with Hollie Clarke 

410,000 people live in care homes in the UK today. It is predicted there will be a 36% increase in the number of over 85s by 2025. With an ageing population comes a growing demand for care provision and care homes.

I chat to Hollie Clarke, Senior Care adviser with Colten Care, about how to find the most suitable care home to meet your needs. The key to success is good planning. Working in the specialist customer service team, Hollie helps residents and their families through the transition into care. 

Sharing her experience from 10 years working in the care industry, Hollie explains the different care options available, how to check out possible homes before you set foot in the door and which probing questions you need to ask.

We cover checking what funding you’re eligible for, people with specialised medical needs such as dementia, keeping couples together and the future of care in the UK.

Colten Care started 35 years ago in Lymington and now have 20 care homes with a total of 1,100 residents.

Tuesday 26th February & Tuesday 5th March 2019 – How to retire from your own business, with Barry Van Danzig

You’ve spent years creating, nurturing and growing your business. You’ve been driven towards your vision of what your business should look like and have made sacrifices along the way to make sure your vision becomes a reality.

But now you have to admit that the time has come to step back and take it easier. The dreaded ‘retirement’ word keeps popping up, but how on earth can you retire? What will you do with your business?

Serial entrepreneur, friend and successful businessman, Barry Van Danzig, joins me to share his experience of exiting his business. Now a man of leisure, Barry explains the three options he considered, the challenges of making himself redundant and why he opted to keep his business as an investment.

Tune in to episodes 016 and 017 to hear Barry’s inspiring personal story about his transition from business owner to retiree.

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