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Tuesday 2nd June 2020 – Getting one million women walking

Heather Waring is on a mission to get ‘One million women walking’. 

She says that ‘Walking makes her soul sing’ and that she wants to help others experience the positive impact that walking has had upon her life. 

In 2009 Heather founded the ‘One million women walking’ Facebook group and wants to get people connecting over a shared love of walking and ultimately talking about what walking gives to them.

Heather discovered the mental health benefits of walking after a difficult time in her life and wants others to experience the same benefits. She is also a coach, author and speaker.

We had our conversation in mid April during the coronavirus lockdown, so discussed the implications on walking during this challenging time.

Tuesday 9th June 2020 – Bridging generations

Passing on our wealth and our assets to our loved ones is an important part of retirement planning, and one we’ve discussed on the podcast before. 

In episode 59 I spoke with Lisa Snyder from the Institute for Preparing Heirs about how to avoid the old adage of shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in 3 generations and why this phenomenon comes about. 

This week I am delighted to share with you a conversation I had recently with Amy Castoro who is President and CEO of the ‘The Williams Group’. 

We chatted about the importance of having family unity when it comes to planning how best to pass on our wealth and how to have the difficult conversations around money – especially in times of social distancing when face to face conversations become even more difficult. 

Tuesday 16th June 2020 – Why emotional intelligence matters, with Anne Beaulieu

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is term you may be very familiar with, but for many of us, it’s a term that’s often misunderstood.  

Emotional intelligence coach Anne Beaulieu joins me to explain how she discovered the importance of emotional intelligence in her life and how she now helps others to appreciate how high EQ can help them become more contented, fulfilled individuals.  

She has worked a lot with women to remove the guilt and shame experienced as they build successful businesses, allowing them to build their business with passion, with focus and with intentionality.

Anne explains how we can help ourselves and our children or grandchildren to understand our relationship with money and how that influences our behaviours. It’s a fascinating discussion about the impact our money experiences and associated feelings have upon how we interact with loved ones and treat ourselves.

Finding the light in dementia, with Dr Jane Mullins

This week we’re revisiting the popular topic of dementia – probably the medical condition we fear the most.

Dr Mullins has devoted over 25 years to the study and practice of dementia care. She has uncovered certain common features that help caregivers and the people they care for find better ways of coping.

Her practice experience is backed up by expert knowledge gained from keeping up with research, lecturing and studying for her PhD, which she shares in her book ‘Finding the light in dementia’.

Secrets of a successful semi-retirement


Having returned to the UK from living in the Far East for many years, Lindsey found herself needing to create a new life. It was a life of semi-retirement.

Lindsey found herself driving a delivery van for Waitrose, taking up sea swimming with the Menopausal Mermaids and doing something she’s never done before each month.

She discusses the importance of having a healthy respect for money and why she is determined not to be someone who just sits through her retirement years!

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