Welcome to The Retirement Café

The Retirement Café events give local people an opportunity to learn more about issues, opportunities and challenges that may affect their retirement, over coffee and cake.

Retirement can be one of the most enjoyable stages of life: time to take up new hobbies or get pleasure from doing the ones you love; and opportunities to spend time with family and friends and generally relish a more relaxing pace of life.

But with more time and freedom can come new challenges to be faced.

Each quarter you can hear experts talk about a range of topics such as coping with dementia, paying for care, Inheritance Tax or how to protect your wealth after you’re gone.

Specialists in their field of expertise are brought together to help guide you through the challenges you are likely to meet as you navigate through retirement.

At the Retirement Café you can ask the expert panel questions so you feel better informed and more confident in your retirement. Information shared is for guidance only. You will definitely not be sold to at the Retirement Café. In fact, you cannot buy anything – not even the coffee! The coffee is on us and so is the chat.

The Retirement Café demonstrates MFP Wealth Management’s commitment to customer service in providing meaningful information when planning for retirement.

The Retirement Café is held in the Waterford Suite of The Christchurch Harbour Hotel in Mudeford. Find out about upcoming events here.

The Retirement Café is the brainchild of Justin King, Chartered Financial Planner of MFP Wealth Management. Justin hosts the events along with special guests. Read more.

The Retirement Café events sell out fast, so be sure to register to avoid disappointment. Click here to find out how.