Tune in for inspiration on how to live a fulfilling and meaningful retirement from The Retirement Café Podcast.

Tune in for inspiration on how to live a fulfilling and meaningful retirement from The Retirement Café Podcast.

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Tune in each week to hear from experts in all manner of retirement topics, from health and lifestyle, to finance and care planning.

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Listen to those who have already retired share their stories of the challenges and opportunities they’ve faced along the journey.

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Inspiration to help you make the most of all aspects of your retirement, along with tips and ideas from host Justin King.

Welcome to The Retirement Café Podcast


I’m Justin King and I help people retire successfully.

As a Chartered Financial Planner, Chartered Wealth Manager and SOLLA Accredited Later Life Adviser with MFP Wealth Management I believe that retirement is more than just an economic event. It’s a life event. One that brings with it a huge variety of challenges and opportunities.

As host of The Retirement Café Podcast I aim to bring insight and inspiration from a wide range of experts to help you create and live a meaningful retirement.

I look forward to hearing from you with any questions or feedback and thanks for tuning in.

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