The importance of preparing well for death


Why do we prepare so well for birth, yet give so little attention to preparing for death?

Judy Kauffmann believes we should. She is passionate about caring for people during their end of life journey and empathising with those left behind, and her training and writings reflect this ethos.

Judy is an award-winning author of two books on end of life management and bereavement. She not only trains people to achieve the highest level of non medical care, but also empowers carers, helping take the fear out of end of life.

She is also currently training to be an End of Life Doula, someone who walks alongside the individual, their family and their community as an informed companion at the end of their life.

This episode is the first in our series on dealing with grief and loss.

Listen here on episode 066 of The Retirement Café Podcast


Useful links

Judy’s Living Well, Dying Well website

Judy’s End of Life Management website

Judy’s books:

End of Life – The Essential Guide to Caring

The Essential Guide to Life After Bereavement



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