Why we make the financial decisions we make


With a degree in Classics from Cambridge University, Rory Sutherland joined Ogilvy – one of the biggest global advertising agencies – as a graduate trainee in 1988. He worked as a copywriter and creative director for over 20 years, then became UK Vice Chairman in 2005. 

He is one of the most influential advertising professionals in the world today. 

As an expert in Behavioural Economics, Rory founded Ogilvy’s ‘behavioural science practice’, where he works with psychologists to look for ‘unseen opportunities’ in consumer behaviour – the very small contextual changes which can have an enormous effect on the decisions people make. 

He has delivered a number of TED Talks that have been viewed nearly 7 million times, and has published two books: The Wiki Man and Alchemy: The Surprising Power of Ideas which don’t make Sense. 

Rory joins me to chat about how the best ideas don’t make rational sense: they make you feel more than they make you think. 

Rory believes that the big problems we face every day could very well be solved by letting go of logic and embracing the irrational. He shares has vast experience from the world of advertising and how this applies to decisions that impact our retirement and our financial decision making.

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