How walking makes my soul sing


Heather Waring is on a mission to get ‘One million women walking’. 

She says that ‘Walking makes her soul sing’ and that she wants to help others experience the positive impact that walking has had upon her life. 

In 2019 Heather founded the ‘One million women walking’ Facebook group and wants to get people connecting over a shared love of walking and ultimately talking about what walking gives to them.

Heather discovered the mental health benefits of walking after a difficult time in her life and wants others to experience the same benefits. She is also a coach, author and speaker.

We had our conversation in mid April during the coronavirus lockdown, so discussed the implications on walking during this challenging time.

Listen here on episode 082 of The Retirement Café Podcast.


Useful links

One Million Women Walking Facebook group 

Women Walking, Women Talking website – all about Heather’s work

Heather’s book on Amazon – How Walking Saved my Life


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