Learning in later life


The Open University is 51 years old and continues to pursue its mission of being open to people, to places to methods and to ideas. It’s openness comes from enabling people to access study very flexibly, without any entry requirements.

For many people, learning a new skill or studying something that’s always been of interest is a really important part of what makes for a successful retirement.

So I am delighted to welcome Dr Liz Marr, Pro Vice Chancellor for students at the Open University, to the podcast.

We chat about what the OU offers, to whom and how to get involved. There is a vast array of free content available on the Open Learn website and there are even virtual microscopes to study in virtual laboratories for Science qualifications!

Liz was herself a mature student and has over thirty years’ experience in UK higher education – in teaching, student support and partnership work. She is also co-author (with Rachel Forsyth) of ‘Identity Crisis: Teaching in Higher Education in the 21st Century’.

It’s a fascinating conversation, so why not listen here on episode 086 of The Retirement Café Podcast.


Useful links

Open Learn website – free content from the OU for all levels and ages

Main Open University website

Liz’s book: ‘Identity Crisis: Teaching in Higher Education in the 21st Century’.


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