Purpose, taking control and the future’s bright!


If you listened to last week’s episode, you’ll know that I shared some of the lessons I’ve learnt from interviewing interesting guests over the past 12 months since the podcast was launched.

This week I plan to share a further 4 lessons, in celebration of the first anniversary of The Retirement Café Podcast. Last week’s lessons included:

  1. Everyone has a story
  2. Retirement as we know it is dead
  3. It’s never too late to do something important to you

This week I cover:

  1. the importance of having a purpose
  2. We have more control over ageing and our health than we may think
  3. Pensions really are interesting
  4. The future’s bright

If you’d like to listen to any of the full episodes mentioned in this episode, please click the links below.

Listen here on episode 056 The Retirement Café Podcast.


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