Helping other people is a good way to help yourself


The transition into retirement can be a hugely positive experience, but for some it can also be a challenge.

Freelance journalist and author, Celia Dodd, spent months interviewing retirees to understand what makes a successful retirement. In our interview, Celia shares her findings.

For many people, retirement is the first time they can do something that really matters to them. But finding your purpose can be trial and error.

Through real life stories, including that of her own father, Celia touches on the most influential factors of a positive retirement: social networks, staying curious, relationships and having purpose, in order to help remove the fear of retirement.

You can listen to my fascinating interview with Celia here on episode 036 The Retirement Café Podcast.


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Celia Dodd’s website

‘Not Fade Away: How to thrive in retirement’ on Amazon

‘The Empty Nest: How to survive and stay close to your adult child’ on Amazon


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