The VIRTUAL Retirement Café Coffee Mornings – Fridays at 11am

With a great deal of uncertainty concerning Covid-19 you are bound to have many unanswered questions concerning your finances, your retirement and life in general.

So, why not join us each Friday at 11am for our virtual Retirement Café coffee morning?

Grab yourself a coffee, pull up a chair and log in to Zoom – an easy-to-use video conferencing service. Click the button on the right to download our Zoom User Guide). For one hour you can connect with like-minded people and get your questions answered at this challenging time.


Be sure to register

Click the relevant link below to register for an upcoming Virtual Retirement Café coffee morning:

Friday 3rd April 2020 – 11am

Friday 17th April 2020 – 11am

Welcome to The Retirement Café

The Retirement Café events give local people an opportunity to learn more about issues, opportunities and challenges that may affect their retirement, over coffee and cake.

Retirement can be one of the most enjoyable stages of life: time to take up new hobbies or get pleasure from doing the ones you love; and opportunities to spend time with family and friends and generally relish a more relaxing pace of life.

But with more time and freedom can come new challenges to be faced.

As you approach or enjoy your retirement you are likely to face a whole new set of issues, opportunities and challenges. Our aim is to help you feel more informed about those issues and challenges by providing access to information on topics that interest you most.

Specialists in their field of expertise are brought together to help guide you as you navigate through retirement.

Information shared is for guidance only. You will definitely not be sold to at the Retirement Café. In fact, you cannot buy anything – not even the coffee! The coffee is on us and so is the chat.

MFP Wealth Management’s  Retirement Cafés are an example of understanding client needs and expectations.

Strongly recommended.


The Retirement Café is of immense interest. They demonstrate to MFP’s clients that they need to be aware of other aspects of retirement and not just the income part of it.


The Retirement Café sessions are a really useful way of discussing issues that are of interest. With a format where we are all able to participate and bounce things off the experts, we all gained a huge amount.


The Retirement Café demonstrates MFP Wealth Management’s commitment to customer service in providing meaningful information when planning for retirement.