Ageing is that extraordinary process whereby you become the person you always should have been.”



This is the second episode in our series about Changing the Perceptions of Ageing.

Maggy is relishing retirement after a distinguished 37-year career in the legal profession.

She has discovered the immense joys of dancing, Twitter and volunteering, including being Vice Chair of ‘Open Age’ – a London charity that helps thousands of people over 50 lead healthy, happy and fulfilled lives. 

Maggy has recently published her book ‘How to Age Joyfully: Eight Steps to a Happier, Fuller Life’, inspired by her experience of retirement so far. Maggy discusses her experience and why she believes we can age joyfully.

Listen here on episode 054 of The Retirement Café Podcast, the first in our series on ‘Changing perceptions of ageing and ageing better’.


Useful links

Open Age’s website

Open Age’s Twitter account

Buy the book: How to Age Joyfully: Eight Steps to a Happier, Fuller Life

Age Joyfully Twitter account

Silver Swans – ballet class for older people

First episode in this series: 053 Life Lessons from people older and wiser than you


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