Does political unrest justify market timing?


We have unbelievable political uncertainty at the moment and it’s hard to deny that it’s causing considerable market turmoil. You may well be wondering what effect this will have upon your investments and retirement savings.

Are you okay with gritting your teeth and keeping your carefully structured portfolio on track as planned? Or are you wondering whether you should now somehow shift your portfolio to higher ground until the coast seems clear?

In other words, might these stressful times justify a measure of market timing?

In this episode Justin covers four important reminders on the perils of trying to time the market at any time.

He also shares his views on risk tolerance and how financial advisers often use this metric incorrectly as a tool to design your investment portfolio. Justin explains the flawed assumptions implicit in the concept of risk tolerance and the approach he takes at MFP Wealth Management to best assess clients’ risk tolerance.

Listen here on episode 047 The Retirement Café Podcast.


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