Why being more gentle on people with dementia matters


Mary believes that dementia wouldn’t be so difficult if society dealt with it better. We tend to distance people with dementia, out of fear or a lack of knowledge of how to deal with people.

If they were made to feel a continued part of society, maybe people with dementia would live a happier life?

Mary Jordan has worked in the dementia field for many years, initially as a Dementia Support Worker for the Alzheimer’s Society. She qualified to deliver the Alzheimer’s Society CrisP programme and knows that dementia could come to any of us.

In her most recent book, The D-Word: Rethinking Dementia, Mary and her co-author Dr Noel Collins explain how society being more gentle on people with dementia could enable them to continue to contribute to society. She discusses her thoughts in episode 028 of The Retirement Café Podcast.

Mary co-founded AdaptDementia Ltd to allow families living with dementia to be better informed and to have a wide choice of support.

AdaptDementia provides information, training and support for care professionals, people with dementia and family carers wanting to know more about dementia and how to adapt themselves and their environment to the challenges it brings.


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