Securitise your income and get a ‘little black book’


For ten years, Rory Percival was ‘the face of the Financial Conduct Authority’ (FCA) for financial advisers. An influential speaker and thought-leader, Rory’s technical expertise enabled him to play a significant role in setting the agenda for regulatory activity in the advice sector.

The projects he was involved in included pension switching, the Retail Distribution Review and pension freedoms.

In 2016, after an impressive 30 years in the financial advice sector, Rory Percival set up his own training and consultancy firm offering conference speaking, training, guides and consultancy.

Despite being a Chartered Financial Planner himself, Rory sought advice to ensure that his retirement savings would last throughout his entire retirement – which he expects could be quite some years.

In our interview, Rory explains the role of ‘core secure income’ in bringing peace of mind, the importance of his ‘little black book’ and why he wants to become a dog’s body!


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