Why ageing by itself is not a cause of major problems until our late 90s


Professor Sir Muir Gray has worked in public health for 40 years, focusing on disease prevention (particularly helping people to stop smoking) and population ageing. 

He is a renowned leading Consultant in Public Health in Oxford University Hospital NHS Trust and a professor in the University of Oxford’s department of Primary Care Health Sciences.

Knighted in 2005 for his services to the NHS, he is known as a public health pioneer. In recent years, Sir Muir has gone on to publish a number of lighthearted books including ‘Sod Seventy! The Guide to Living Well’.

He joins me on the podcast to talk about why the word retirement should be banned, ‘Excessive Sitting Syndrome’ and what we can do to dramatically reduce our risk of serious illness as we age.

He argues why ‘clean, clear knowledge’ is so important in the 21st century and how he’s helped to ensure it’s available via the NHS.

Listen here on episode 051 The Retirement Café Podcast.


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