The pitfalls of selling & sailing off into the sunset


Barry Van Danzig is not successful by accident. An astute entrepreneur who built and lost a business early on in life, Barry picked himself up, reengineered his future and created a fabulous company that was profitable and provided huge value to his customers.

As Barry approached his 50s he started to consider “What next?” The business was booming, robust and running smoothly. He started to think about retirement and the options open to him.

In this first part of a two-part interview, Barry shares his personal story of the three options he considered for exiting his business and the rollercoaster ride he endured pursing option one – selling his business and sailing off into the sunset.

With humour and humility, Barry explains the pitfalls he faced, the enormous challenge of making himself redundant and the difficulty of standing back and watching his ‘baby’ destroyed by venture capitalists.

Tune in to episodes 016 and 017 to hear Barry’s inspiring personal story about his transition from business owner to retiree. Let’s start with episode 16 on The Retirement Café Podcast.


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